Thank you, you creative talented bunch

These last few weeks have been incredible, so we thought we would say a quick thank you to the growing community of co-creators on The Secret Illness.
Thank You Image

When we started this project we had long meetings about how we could achieve everything we wanted to with just the two of us, whilst juggling many other commitments. But in just a few months our team of 2 has already developed into a larger creative family. We have adopted film-makers, poets, painters, writers, social media aids, songwriters, editors and more. The creative content that is being sent to us daily is amazing. We knew the OCD community was strong and full of talent, but the amount of people getting in touch wanting to be involved has been more than we could have hoped or expected.

The goal of The Secret Illness is to raise awareness and dispel myths through creativity rather than lecturing, but we quickly realised that as OCD takes so many shapes and disguises, we were going to need many voices to spread the word truthfully and accurately. So thank you. Thank you for being honest, brave and open. Thank you for making us heartbreakingly sad and at the same time overwhelmingly uplifted. Thank you to those who have messaged to say their opinion of OCD has changed after reading the Wall. And thank you for all the love on Twitter.

We’ve got our Facebook page up and running now so please “like” it and help us share the message through Facebook as well.

We’re now in the process of planning our first film shoot and and the production of the first podcast and will keep you in the loop as they progress. In the meantime, please continue to encourage people living with OCD to post on The Secret Illness Wall, so that together we can show the diversity of ways OCD manifests itself.

But for now, not sure if you noticed, but we want to say, Thank you!!!! 🙂

Becca and Liz

Feel free to drop either of us a note at or if you want to get in touch.

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