The Phoenix

By Stephanie, Australia

Audio by Dilek Rose

A fire spirit burns deep inside
Through life’s challenges I will glide
Changing direction with the breeze
Opportunity I will seize

Scarlet wings, potential power
Beautiful as the first flower
Precious tail feathers, painted gold
I wasn’t born to fit the mould

Not always strong as I’m portrayed
Visions of the future have frayed
Sorrow fills my melodic song
Everything I’ve become feels wrong

Cried so many tears, they fail to heal
Pain so intense, I can’t conceal
I fear I’ve given up the fight
Bursting into flame I ignite

Out of the ashes I will rise
Reborn, I’m yesterday’s disguise
Always soaring through clouded skies
Memories lurk behind these eyes

Guided by the knowledge of my past
The lessons learned will forever last
I’ll clean my wounds, and heal these scars
Spread my wings, and reach for the stars

Categories: The Salon

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