Voicing Our Poems


Today we’re heading over to Jungle Studios to record the poems that have been written by people living with OCD that we’re making into short films, so we thought we’d share with everyone the first lines of each of the poems.

This Old Ghost

There’s something wrong with me


It is a tear that cannot be repaired

The Phoenix

A fire spirit burns deep inside

The Switch

One dark February morning

OCD Haiku

OCD waters


At least I would know

Dark Jelly

It’s snowing outside

Thank you to our poets Steph, James and Stephanie for sharing their words with us, to our voice over artists Julia, Dilek, Brett and Becca who are giving us their time and offering their expertise and to Culum and Jungle Studios for providing the voice over recording services and facilities.

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  1. Well done on the blog and the wall. Hopefully shattering some delusions about what OCD isn’t, and teaching people what it is.
    If you ever need any more poems, let me know cos I wrote a bunch.


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