Samantha, 26, Los Angeles, USA

My obsession with farting nearly destroyed me in high school

samantha-no-textOCD is the annoying relative that overstays their welcome. When it comes, it criticizes your weight, your looks, and your personality.

Going through heartbreak, OCD doesn’t make it any better. It persuades you to look at your ex’s and their significant other’s social media, thinking it will help you get over it. It doesn’t, it makes the smallest flaws you have huge.

Have an unusual fear? Say farting? OCD will go out of its way to tell you to be afraid. It creates scenarios that convince you you’ll be a pariah if you fart. It won’t, some people will laugh, but life still goes on.  The key to fighting obsessions is to hug them, accept them. Send them positivity rather than vitriol. They cower under love rather than confrontation.

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