The Podcast, Episode 1: Steph

In this first episode of The Secret Illness podcast we take a deep dive into Steph’s story of her OCD experiences. Steph, her significant other, employer/mentor and father take us on her journey from spiral to diagnosis, to current day.

Presented and produced by Liz Smith. Music composed by Mitch Grussing.

Categories: The Podcast

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  1. A well polished podcast. You are both very well spoken and easy to listen to – natural podcasters. It’s like listening to a Radio 4 programme(and that’s a good thing!).
    I like how you brought other viewpoints in. Otherwise it’s easy to switch off as you adjust to the 2 voices alone and the podcast becomes background noise.
    The music’s a lovely touch too I think.
    I look forward to hearing more of these.


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