Stephen, 22, Claremont, CA, USA

My OCD: ferocious lion turned lamb.

stephen-no-textI experience OCD intrusive thoughts with violent, religious, and sexual themes. Many people commonly ask me: “Have you always had intrusive thoughts?” The answer is no, I did not.

Although I experienced signs of OCD in high school, I never actually experienced the jarring, intrusive thoughts until midway through college. Before conquering my OCD, I mainly engaged in three types of compulsions – mental checking, avoidance, and reassurance seeking – which caused me to ruminate regularly for 15-16 hours each day. By six months, I was an absolute train wreck, and if it wasn’t for the continual support of my family and friends, I probably wouldn’t be much better today.

I got better, though, and it started as soon as I saw an OCD specialist who taught me ERP [Exposure and Response Prevention]. By early this summer, I was able to conquer the exposure on top of my ERP hierarchy using my app nOCD, and since then, I haven’t experienced any anxiety from OCD. I feel confident that I turned my internal lion into a lamb, and now my mission is to help other people with OCD do the same.

Editor’s note: Stephen is the Founder and CEO of a growing tech start-up dedicated to helping those suffering with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder called “nOCD” (pronounced “No-CD”). To learn more about their work, please visit:

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  1. I just downloaded this. I haven’t been diagnosed because I don’t have insurance at the moment so I can’t afford to be, but I am seeing a pyschiatrist as soon as I have switched insurances. I have all the classic symptoms-obsessions centering around certain themes (reglion, scrupilosity to name a couple) and compulsions/repetitive reassurance seeking. Thank you for letting me know about something free that can help me right now. Yesterday I had a horrible obsession that I spent the whole day googling and reassurance seeking over-it made me feel physically ill to the point where I started seeing spots. I’m so excited to be able to have anything that’ll help.


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