What Do You Think?

You’ll need to turn the sound on to experience this film. It is a co-creation written by 16 different people living with OCD using excerpts from their Wall Posts, voiced by Becca Laidler, and underscored by two movements of “String Quartet OCD” composed by Loretta Notareschi

The String Quartet sketches the emotional landscape of Loretta’s experience with postpartum obsessive-compulsive disorder in the year following her daughter’s birth. Postpartum OCD, is characterized by intense fear and anxiety, in response to which mothers develop repetitive coping behaviors.  There are four movements of which the second and third underscore the film.  The second movement, “You Must Think I’m Made of Candy Glass,” explores the many forms Loretta’s compulsions took, including verbal and musical patterns that she required herself to repeat in her mind. The third movement, “Shame” expresses the grief and despair she felt.  The pathos and message of the piece is all about providing hope and relieving isolation for other families experiencing the spectrum of postpartum mental health disorders.

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