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Are you ready to get our podcast series off the ground? In the spirit of co-creation not only are we hoping that lots of you will contribute your thoughts to the podcast but we want you to ask the questions too!

Whether you’re living with OCD and are curious to know how others are experiencing OCD or if you don’t know the first damn thing about it, let us know what questions and topics you want us to feature in the podcasts.

Here are a couple of questions already submitted:

  1. If there were a window into your mind when your OCD is going strong, what would be seen?

  2. How does OCD affect your romantic relationships?

Add your questions to the comments section below or if you’d rather send them privately to us email Liz@TheSecretIllness.com


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  1. Hi guys, thanks for podcast q’s! Because we are an arts organisation, we’re unfortunately not equipped to explore medical-related questions. Our podcast series focuses generally on topics related to people’s experiences of OCD and it affects their lives. But there are wonderful organisations like The International OCD Foundation (https://iocdf.org/) that can help answer these questions. Thanks again, Becca


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