It’s Time To Talk

Today the twitterverse is hashtagging #itstimetotalk encouraging us to talk more openly about mental illness, so it seems appropriate to re-post this video from just over a year ago which we compiled after the OCD community decided it was time to take back the hashtag #OCDproblems. This film certainly busts the myth that OCD is about being a tidy freak.



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  1. Hi, I’m here because I don’t know whether or not I have OCD. This is because sometimes I have really sudden urges to neaten things, for example, all tables have to be exactly straight, colouring in has to be dead on- I’ve got silently angry at jsut children for colouring outside the line. However, other times I’m fine with it, because I’m just to tired to sort it out. I think this is an example if this- so, there was a cut out of a sloth, and someone tore it up. I tried really hard to put it back together, because I simply had to, and someone messed it up and threw the pieces around the room. Because I didn’t finish it, I got an strong urge to cey, and thought slightly about leaving about of not putting the pieces of the sloth together. I don’t if this is PCd, or another illness, but a heads up would be good, because I don’t want to claim to be something I’m not, because my friends will all hate me. I’m even scared about coming out as demisexual because another friend of mine already is Demi, and I feel like it would be copying her.
    I’m going to check back here every now just to see if I get an answer, and thanks for reading this.


    • Hi Rose, We’re glad you found us and are reaching out. Sounds like what you have described is causing you an lot of distress and we’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing these difficulties. Because we are an arts organisation, we’re unfortunately not able to provide any medical advice or diagnosis, but we’d encourage to seek help and investigate what you are experiencing further. The International OCD Foundation has many great resources that might help ( and they have a searchable database of treatment providers. Please know that you are not alone and it can get better. We hope this helps. Sending our best wishes for feeling better soon.


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