Bowen, 17, Shanghai, China

“It’s no shame to ask for help, you can’t cure yourself”

bowen-no-textI was officially diagnosed with OCD in San Francisco more than two years ago despite the fact that I knew something was wrong with me for a really long time. It was hard in the beginning since even my family found it hard to live with me. But with the right therapist and medication, I recovered a lot in the last two years. In addition to that, I also found online OCD resources very helpful.  For all the sufferers out there, I would like to say it’s no shame to ask for help, you can’t cure yourself, that’s a professional’s job. And also try to use the power of the Internet with caution to find support and others with similar experiences.

Note from the editor:

After Bowen got better, he started a website called OCD Acceptance with daily memes about OCD. So far he’s managed to post over 250 self-made memes. He also hosts free online events to help bring OCD sufferers closer to the professionals.


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