Crystal, 27, Atlanta, USA

Every time I have a bad thought (usually about death) or change my settings, I have to say a prayer that covers every possible situation that could happen to me. I pray at least seven times per day.


I have never been officially diagnosed with OCD, but I am certain that I share the same symptoms as many who have been.

I experience recurring thoughts of dying or doing terrible things on a regular basis – things that I would never ever do. I’m not the neat, textbook OCD type that everyone learns about in school.

Like others with OCD, my main obsessions are my thoughts. My compulsive action: prayer. I pray silently, multiple times per day, as I feel prayer is the only thing that can cloak me and protect me from the bad things that come to mind. And that prayer must also be precise and cover any possible event that could occur.

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  1. Repeatedly reciting mantras(possibly praying too) to prevent bad things from happening, andf eeling the need to do it in “the right way” or “until it feels right” are strong hallmarks of OCD. We’re prone to thinking we somehow hold sway over real life events with the power of thought or action(unrelated action I mean). This is called magical thinking.
    It’s definitely worth getting a diagnosis at least. There’s no cure as such but therapy might help you find ways of better managing it. It can’t do any harm, put it that way 🙂
    Well done spekaing up.


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