The Secret’s Out – Look What You’ve Done!

What a few weeks it has been for The Secret Illness! We have been inundated with press requests, wall posts and wonderful messages from all over the world, written by people who have been moved by The Wall. The secret is coming out. We might have to change our name soon!


When Liz and I set up The Secret Illness, we wanted this story to be told by people living with OCD, and that’s what all you incredible people who have posted on The Wall have done. I feel so proud. This has become a truly collaborative community project. It’s also been great to see the reaction from those of you who don’t live with OCD and those who, before reading thought, “It isn’t a secret. I already know what OCD is”. Thank you for taking the time to read these first hand accounts of OCD and learn the truth behind the illness.

I was thinking yesterday about the various online viral campaigns I have joined in with throughout the years to raise awareness for different charities and illnesses. The sad thing is, although I donated and posted my picture or video, I can’t now remember which illness I was doing most of them for. The beauty of art is that it’s eternal. The poetry, paintings and music we’ve received are stunning. I can’t wait until we can share the first films and podcasts with you all. The Wall looks so strong. It’s a great, big, fat finger up at OCD. Although it can be very sad sometimes to receive posts from people in their darker times, it’s still so inspiring to see people being brave enough to talk about something so raw. And the hope-filled posts and uplifting success stories are a joy to read.

Please do continue to send in your wall posts, podcast questions and creative contributions so together we can chip away at ending the stigma of OCD through creative storytelling. This is the just the beginning … wait until the world sees what’s coming next from The Secret Illness!


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