Chinelo, 18, London, UK

My thoughts are clouded with more thoughts, the thought to be perfect when I can’t be 100% perfect

chinelo-no-textI am naturally a creative person, I was born that way however along with my creativeness came OCD.

I didn’t notice it at first but then the urge to make everything even and straight, if I chew on the left I MUST chew on the right, if I can’t chew on the other side I forcefully gnash my teeth.

I don’t step on the lines on the pavements knowingly. I have the urge to straighten every crooked thing and the buzzing urge to clean, clean, clean. It was at that point I realised that it could be something beyond me, OCD.

I have suffered with it for a decade now. I have weird thoughts which don’t stop until it’s over or I’m asleep and when I draw or colour the pressure of the pencil must be the same throughout, I always asked myself why can’t I just be normal?

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