Olivia, 23, Sioux falls, South Dakota, USA

I have to move my eyes in a circular motion until it “feels right,” about 30 times daily

olivia-no-textI’m convinced I will die young because there’s no way my brain can continue to go this fast day after day. One day my whole body will just give out from mental exhaustion.

I try so hard to be flexible and easy going. I wish I could let things go and not overthink them and not care what others think. If someone looks at me the wrong way, I immediately assume they think I’m a disgusting human being. I get nervous walking into rooms full of people because I think they have been saying horrible things about me.

I need reassurance multiple times before I will believe something even just a little bit. I always assume people are mad at me. I apologize for almost everything I do, even if I did nothing wrong.

If a situation doesn’t go the way my brain thinks it should go, I begin feeling myself spinning out of control.

Although my OCD has affected me negatively in my relationships and at work, I continue to give in to my feelings and compulsions and I can’t stop. Oh, how I wish I could just stop.

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  1. I do the eye roll as well. Sometimes when I get stuck with rolling them if can take weeks to stop it. I always just say I have to do it till it feels right. That was my first obsessive ritual.


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