By Nick, United Kingdom


Audio recording by Nick

Oh Madness how you come so fast
To take my day and make me retch
To steal my life and of those I love
I hate you, I hate you, I hate you 

To what conclusion do you wish to reach?
To dance on my grave and notch your post?
To boast in hell of your latest win?
I hate you , I hate you, I hate you

You have no conscience yet you plague mine
You have no heart yet you break mine
You have no loved ones yet you hurt mine 
I hate you , I hate you , I hate you

You court controversy and laugh at cures
The pills , your demons, hurt me more
You’re still there,  and I am dulled
I hate you , I hate you , I hate you

This poem is trying to express my exhaustion and distress at the impact OCD has on myself and my families lives

Categories: The Salon

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  1. A brilliant poem!! Excellent rhythm and timing. The second paragraph had me in tears because I woke up today and wanted so badly to die…. and yes… I can imagine exactly that… the OCD dancing on my grace just like you said. You have a brilliant mind to have written this poem… thank you.


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