Lydia, 25, Shanghai, China

For me, OCD changes ‘costume’ every day.

lydia-no-textMaybe I’m a pedophile, maybe I’m dead, maybe I’m a terrible girlfriend. NEWS FLASH OCD WELL MAYBE I AM BLOODY NOT.

Categories: The Wall

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  1. You get obsessions about being dead too! I’ve never heard it from someone else before but I get that all the time – or for me it’s more like “Hm maybe nothing really exists at all and I am completely alone. WOAH THAT IS COMPLETELY TERRIFYING AND I THINK I’LL OBSESS ABOUT WHETHER IT COULD POSSIBLY BE TRUE FOR THE NEXT 2 HOURS…two days…two months…” Thanks for your post – I think “News flash OCD well maybe I am bloody not” is my favorite line I’ve read on here.


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