David, 44, Birmingham, UK

A devil who never sleeps pulls pins out of grenades in my mind. It’s my job to put them back in before it’s too late.

david-no-textI lived with OCD undiagnosed for over 25 years. Misdiagnosed with clinical depression, pumped full of pharmaceuticals that didn’t make a dent in the problem but had a variety of other bad effects.

I eventually ditched all of that and decided to go it alone. About 10 years of hell ensued before I stumbled on a video about Pure O and suddenly I had a name for my weirdness.

Now I fight a government who refuses to recognise OCD is real, and recruitment consultants who refuse to put me forward for job interviews because I have OCD. I have become a non-entity. Persona non grata. My attempts at CBT have been ground into dust between these two opposing forces. As such, I have been forced to return to the way of life I know best: spotting hand grenades, and putting the pins back in, before it’s too late.

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  1. Thank you for your kind words Gemma.
    Sorry for the late reply – there was a mix-up with my original.
    I admire your telling it how it is and going it alone.
    I enjoyed reading your blog. Your courage and tenacity undertaking challenging exposures is impressive.

    “Long live the fighters!”



  2. Hi David, I am so sorry that you’re OCD’s been met with such blind ignorance and misunderstanding. I, too, as an OCD sufferer for 10 years have encountered similar – and like you, are now ‘going it alone’ in my bid to get it under control. You can read about how I’m doing so on my blog: http://breakingfreefromchronicocd.blogspot.co.uk/ I don’t take any medication and don’t have a therapist. Good luck with your battle and I hope you find a way through it. All the best, Gemma

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