Jodi, 34, Pompano Beach, Florida, USA

I have intrusive thoughts that I will hurt my family, or myself.

jodi-no-textI just found your page. The name sums this disorder up perfectly. I’ve lived with intrusive thoughts for years. I’ve even distanced myself from family members because of the thoughts when I was young, when the disorder first presented itself. It literally took years, and my own research, to get a correct diagnosis.

I have had different ‘themes’. I’ve had thoughts of hurting my family, and myself. I’ve convinced myself that I have a severe mental illness. I’ve avoided doing things because I’m afraid that they will make my OCD thoughts come back. If you knew me, you would never even think that this is true. I am very social, busy, and active in the community. I have been told that my case is fairly mild, but I refuse to let it bring me down. I have bad days of course, but I think by talking about this very misunderstood mental illness, I can help so many people!

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