OCD is Putting Up a Fight

Anon1 Salon Square

By Anonymous, United Kingdom

Audio recording by Sophia Jackson Gill

Tummy hurts, shoes don’t feel right, OCD is putting up a good fight

All my worst thoughts, stuck in my head
Today I’m wishing, I could just stay in bed

I need to know the plan, take me through the day
If I don’t know all the details, in bed I will have to stay

I’ve got to be the best, day after day
wish these bad thoughts would stay far away

My left foot needs to touch that for longer than my right
Must keep these thoughts deep out of sight

I need a cuddle, but I can’t risk it now
You might not touch my left side, you might hear me howl

Don’t sit near me, it doesn’t feel good
The cushion won’t line up quite as it should

Brush past me on one side, desperate to equalise
Keeping it together, trying to hide

Tummy hurts, shoes don’t feel right, OCD is putting up a good fight

I wrote this poem to try and help myself understand what my son is going through. I know I can never fully appreciate how hard he is fighting and I don’t always get it right, but I’ll keep trying to help him.


Categories: The Salon

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  1. Your son is so lucky to have a mother who writes a poem and supports him. And, accepts him the way he is. My mother resented the fact that I had OCD. Why? Because she had it but would never admit it and I was a reminder of that fact. I was her mirror every time I had a problem. She was cruel. I barely grieved her death because I kind of felt relieved. My heart went out to my father because he loved her. I felt better because she was gone and all the tension in the house went with her.


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