The Wall Interactive Exhibition

In August 2015 the first post went live on The Secret Illness Wall. There are now 150 Wall Posts, each one a personal story of how OCD affects them.

Up until recently The Wall had only existed in an online space but at the OCD Action annual conference in March 2018, we were able to create the first ever interactive exhibition based on The Wall.

Here is a short video about The Wall Exhibition.


The Wall Exhibition consisted of 19 stories taken from The Wall, each one carefully written up in the form of a letter and displayed with a prop and picture frame. Here are the 19 exhibits:

James, 31, New Jersey, UK

If I can’t remember the Jurassic Park theme music then our plane will crash

Prop: inflatable dinosaurjames-exhibit.jpg

Jonathan, 35, Kent, UK

I can affect fate

Prop: clapper boardjonathan-exhibit.jpg

Jessica, 23, New Hampshire, USA

I wonder if I even love my husband?” & “One day I fear that OCD will take over

Prop: Batman mask


Graham, USA

Did I unknowingly commit a crime or wrong in the past, for which I will be horribly punished in the future?

Prop: handcuffsgraham-exhibit.jpg


Stephanie, 27, Perth, Australia

OCD is my battlefield

Prop: white socksstephanie-exhibit.jpg

Beth, 23, West Midlands, UK

Sometimes that “what if?” is just too much to ignore

Prop: pinball machinebeth-exhibit.jpg

Helen, 30, Heidelberg, Germany

I used to take my hair straighteners to work so that I could always check they were off

Prop: hair straightenershelen-exhibit.jpg

Aarti, 22, Mumbai, India

I was obsessed with the idea of being possessed

Prop: Virgin Maryaart-exhibit.jpg

Anon, 22, South Africa

After brushing my teeth I need to make myself gag to make sure nothing bad went down my throat

Prop: toothbrushanon-safrica-exhibit.jpg


Loretta, 39, Colorado, USA

What if I stabbed my baby with this knife?

Prop: baby mobileloretta-exhibit.jpg

Sage, 14, Alberta, Canada

I couldn’t focus. I couldn’t think. It was this debilitating blur that I couldn’t shake

Prop: goldfish in bowlsage-exhibit.jpg

Eric, 19, Toronto, Canada

There’s something important I’ve forgotten to do. There’s something more

Prop: Vampire bookeric-exhibit.jpg

Anon, 24, Minnesota, USA

I was pregnant. I was sure of it. Even though there was no possible way I could be pregnant

Prop: pregnancy testanon-minnesota-exhibit.jpg

Anna, 22, Czech Republic

It’s dirty

Prop: strawberriesann-exhibit.jpg

Amanda, 27, Delaware, USA

Maybe I have AIDS or Hepatitis C

Prop: remote control with batteries removedMaybe I have AIDS or Hepatitis C


Elina, 20, Ioannina, Greece

I do love my boyfriend but my OCD is killing me every single day!

Prop: love heartelina-exhibit.jpg

Lindsey, 20, Pennsylvania, USA

I often worry that I’ll end up like Ted Bundy, or that I’ll suddenly lose control and stab my loved ones

Prop: Stephen King novelslindsey-exhibit.jpg

Angela, 30, Michigan, USA

I was looking through a window at a world I was not a part of

Prop: toy alligatorangela-exhibit.jpg

Anon, 34, UK

It breaks my heart to see OCD bullying my son

Prop: football bootanonuk-exhibit2.jpg


This exhibition would not have been possible without the hard work from a fantastic volunteer team. Thank you to Christian, Naomi, James L, Becca, Liz, Mathilde, Emma, David, James I, Alison and Nick.


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